Date(s) - Sunday, May 1, 2016
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Edge Brewing

THIS is very special event for foodies, a feast undertaken at the hour of breakfast unashamedly washed down with fine beer, here at the brewery.

Once upon a time in the brewing world, the brewer would sample his beers in the morning. Throughout the tasting process the brewer was provided with an assortment of eats to enable him to accomplish his tasks. A task not easily achieved on an empty stomach. Hence the combination of a savory breakfast with his or hers crafted beers.

Well known in the Poblenou neighbourhood for serving up superb food both at their premises and at gastronomy events, Súper Coffee & Food also have brewing in their family history.  They will be preparing food for this event with particular passion, plus ample applications of our beer and brewery grains in the making marinades, sauces and breads!

On the table of abundance you will find:

-2 litre growlers for sharing a range of Edge Brewing’s beers
-Assorted breads served with herbed butter and pork rilletes
-Chicken liver paté with calvados and apple as well as a smoked fish paté
-Crudité with a selection of dips
-Pickled pearl onions, cucumbers and button mushrooms and celeriac slaw
-Smoked kippers
-Cured meats such as rare roast beef, salamis, mortadella, chorizo and our own bacon cured with rosemary and cracked black pepper
-Sausages with accompanying mustards (weisswurst, knackwurst, bockwurst)
-Whole hams, glazed and smoked


Price 36€

Booking and payment via PayPal to Súper Coffee & Food here.


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